Livoral Kasayam

Livoral Kasayam

Liver protective and corrective
Livoral Herbs is a liver protective and corrective herbal preparation beneficial in Liver diseases and improves Liver function.

Livoral Herbs is a poly herbal ancient formulation which protects the liver from viral infections(Viral hepatitis) Liver cirrohosis, drug induced hepatotoxicity and alcohol induced Liver damage. It improves the functional efficiency of the Liver by promoting hepatic cell regeneration especially in Liver cirrhosis. It eliminates toxins of various types and toxic intermediates of alcohol metabolism. It protects Liver from Alcohol induced tissue damage. It prevents fatty liver formation and also corrects the tissue damage and associated pathological changes in Liver. It suppresses the hepatitis viral replication and eliminates the toxins. Livoral has herbs with Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant and Immunomodulatory actions.

Keelhanelli Phyllanthus amarus 2 gms
Karisalai Eclipta prostrata 2gms
Ponnangkanni Alternanthera sessillis 2gms
Kothamalli Coriandrum sativum 2 gms
Manathakkaali Solanum nigrum 2gms
Nilavembu Andrographis paniculata 2gms
Nelli Emblica officinalis 2gms
Vallaarai Centella asiatica 2gms
Shatavari Asparagus racemosus 1gm
Sembaruthi Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 1gm
Seeragam Cuminum cyminum 1gm
Koraikilangu Cyperus rotundus 1gm

Beneficial In:
Viral hepatitis
Liver cirrhosis
Drug induced hepato toxicity
Fatty Liver
Alcoholic Liver disease
Reduces Grey hair
Vision impairment
Hepatitis B
Direction to prepare kasayam:
Boil 20gms (1 Sachet) of kasaya powder with 300ml of water till the decoction is concentrated to 100ml. Take 100ml of this warm decoction twice a day in an empty stomach. Each time prepare fresh kasayam. To enhance the taste add honey or palm jaggery.

Dosage: One Sachet twice a day (or) as directed by the Physician.
Pack : 20 gms 1 sachet. 14 sachet in one pack
Storage: Store in a cool & dry place

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