Kasawa Kasayam

Kasawa Kasayam

Herbal Remedy for Phlegmatic Condition and associated Body Pain

Kasawa Herbs exerts Anti-Phlegmatic Action thereby reduces Whole Body Pain, Joint Pain, Muscular Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Hip & Low Back Pain. It also reduces respiratory Problems like Cough, Cold & Allergy. Herbs in the Kasawa acts as an Anti-Microbial, Anti-Allergic agent thereby reduces Vatha-Kapha disorders.

(One sachet (20gm) contains the following)
Athimathuram Glycyrrhiza glabra 3gms
Jadamanjil Nardostachys jatamansi 3 gms
Seeragam Cuminum cyminum 3 gms
Nilavembu Andrographis paniculata 2 gms
Thippili Piper longum 2 gms
Milagu Piper nigrum 2 gms
Thulasi Ocimum sanctum 3 gms
Vilvam Aegle marmelos 2 gms

Useful In:
Muscular and Joint Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Cold, cough along with Fever
Vatha rogam & Kabha rogam
Joint pain & Swelling
Purification of blood

Direction to prepare kasayam:
Boil 20gms (1 Sachet) of kasaya powder with 300ml of water till the decoction is concentrated to 100ml. Take 100ml of this warm decoction twice a day in an empty stomach. Each time prepare fresh kasayam. To enhance the taste add honey or palm jaggery.

One Sachet twice a day (or) as directed by the Physician.

20 gms 1 sachet. 14 sachet in one pack

Store in a cool & dry place

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