Devadaru Kasayam

Devadaru Kasayam

Herbal Combination to Combat Acute Pain, Chronic Pain and Joint Stiffness.

Devadaru kasaya powder possesses analgesic and anti-arthritic properties. It exerts fast relief from neuromuscular pain and the pain associated with arthritis. It restores the mobility by its muscle relaxant action. It regulates mediators of inflammatory process. Thereby reduces the swelling and pain.

(One sachet (20gm) contains the following)
Devadaru Cedrus deodara 3.0 gm
Vasambu Acorus calamus 1.5 gm
Inji Zingiber officinale 1.5 gm
Milagu Piper nigrum 2 gm
Sathakuppai Anethum graveolens 1.5 gm
Kothamalli Coriandrum sativum 1.5 gm
Akkarakaaram Anacyclus pyrethrum 1.5 gm
Kanduparangi Clerodendrum serratum 1.0 gm
Sitrarathai Alpina chinensis 1.5 gm
Koshtam Costus speciosus 1.0 gm
Thuthuvalai Solanum trilobatum 1.0 gm
Jadamanjil Narostachys jalamansi 2.0 gm
Thippii Piper longum 1.0 gm

Useful In:
Neck pain
Forzen shoulder & Lumbar spondylosis
Low back pain
Muscle pain
Traumatic pain
Muscle inflammation & mulcle cramp

Direction to prepare Kasayam:
Boil 20gms (1 Sachet) of kasaya powder with 300ml of water till the decoction is concentrated to 100ml. Take 100ml of this warm decoction twice a day in an empty stomach. Each time prepare fresh kasayam. To enhance the taste add honey or palm jaggery.

One Sachet twice a day (or) as directed by the Physician.

20 gms 1 sachet. 14 sachet in one pack

Store in a cool & dry place

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