Amla Legium

Amla Legium

Rejuvenator, Blood purifier, Nervine tonic for all age group
Amla legium is purely a herbal product that tones and supports the immune system, promotes overall health and well being. Provides rejuvenative support to the body and reduces ageing process.

Rejuvenator, blood purifier, immune modulator, nervine tonic for all age groups. Amla acts as a coolant, astringent, mild laxative, antipyretic and improves hepatic functions. The major ingredient of Amla legium is Emblica officinalis which is the highest source of vitamin C. It helps in the production of collagen and keeps the skin supple and smooth acts as detoxifier by removing all metabolic wastes from skin. Amla legium promotes wound healing, improves digestion & immune function. Vitamin C in Amla legium acts as a powerful natural antioxidant agent which delays the effect of ageing process.

Ingredients :
Thasamoolam Dasa moola 30 mg
Chitramutti Sida rhombifolia 60 mg
Thippili Piper longum 60 mg
Karkadasingi Rhus succedanea 60 mg
Keezhanelli Phyllanthus amarus 60 mg
Thiratchai Vitis vinifera 60 mg
Kostam Costus speciosus 60 mg
Aghil Aquilaria agalocha 60 mg
Kadukkaai Terminalia chebulla 60 mg
Kasthuri manjal Curcuma zedoaria 60 mg
Koraikilangu Cyperus rotundus 60 mg
Mookurattai Boerhaavia diffusa 60 mg
Elakkaai Elettaria cardamum 60 mg
Santhanam Santalum album 60 mg
Venthamarai Nymphaea lotus 90 mg
Aadathoda Adhatoda zeylanicamedic 90 mg
Kaakkaikolli Anamaridta cocculus 90 mg
Nellikkaai Emblica officinale 90 mg
Nei matrum Thean – Ghee and Honey q.s.

Benefits of Amla Legium:
Strengthens the immune system
Slow down the effects of ageing process
Purifies the blood
Improves digestion
Fastens the wound healing
Promotes calcium absorption & leads to stronger bones and teeth
Improves memory power
Vision impairment
Liver disorder
For Adults : One teaspoon 2 times a day after food or as directed by the physician
For Children: Half teaspoon 2 times a day after food or as directed by the physician
Pack: 250 gms 1 box
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

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